Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Flats galore!

One of the great pleasures of gardening is to be able to sit in one’s backyard paradise and enjoy the fruits of one’s labors — the many shapes, colors and heavenly scents of the flowers from both annuals and perennials. Many gardeners think that perennials are best — plant them only once, and they come back every year, faithfully providing almost labor-free beauty to your landscape. Annuals are the more showy ones with prolific blooms that can appear all season long, in every color of the rainbow, but sadly, they perish with the first frost. However, one good thing about annuals is that you can always plant new and different varieties every spring, so that your garden view will always be a fresh one with new beds, new colors, new arrangements.

Whatever you choose – annuals, perennials, or both – we will be ready with advice to help you pick the right ones for your planting situation. Much depends on the location, whether it be sun, shade or a combo, as well as the soil quality. Will your plantings flourish in a wet, boggy area, or must the soil be well-drained for their best performance?

Now is the time to plant, before it gets too hot. Stop by today and choose from our bountiful stock of annuals and perennials, as well as our vibrant greenery – shrubs and trees of all sizes, from arborvitaes (the ones that deer do NOT eat) to fruit trees, from rhododendrons to roses.